Vampirekat (vampirekat) wrote,

For some reason, I found this visually enticing:

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1980s 1980s music anarchist black cross anarchy animals anna anthropology bats baudelaire bauhaus beer bisexuality black blank stares of incomprehension blood blue velvet bola books bret easton ellis cats cioran coffee colonia roma cooking crying at the movies dachshunds david bowie david lynch dead can dance death doc marten's dreams drunkeness dusk earl gray tea emily bronte emily the strange europe film fire fire walk with me flying fog food french german gus van sant hands haruki murakami hockey hooded sweatshirts keiner liebt mich kisses knowledge learning leonard cohen less than zero literature london love magnetic fields master and margarita melancholy memory mexico mexico city michael cunningham moon new zealand night nobody loves me ommegang pain passion photography pierceings poetry political prisoners punk rain reading religion russia russian literature sex skin sleep solitude spirit possession st. elmo's fire structuralism tarkovsky tattoos tea tears teseo the sisters of mercy the smiths theatre this mortal coil tolstoi tom robbins touch townes van zandt travel twin peaks vampires wim wenders wine wings writing

Get yours!

Created by lazy_nekolazy_neko
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