Vampirekat (vampirekat) wrote,

Adventures in book-selling

It seems terribly sad that, when working retail, it is the horrible, abusive customers you remember most at the end of the day... Not the woman who had a lovely smile, or the older gentleman who was looking for that incredibly interesting book. Not even that other lady who was so sweet and who ended up buying several works by that amazing author you recommended. No, the ones that stick with you are not the kind, gentle souls, but the one customer who was mean or abusive. Those are the ones that, unfortunately, really get under your skin. No matter how much you tried to unburden yourself from the experience by sharing the incident with a friend or a co-worker. No matter how nice an evening you had once you actually clocked out. Nope. Unkindness, it seems, tends to leave a much deeper mark than kindness does sometimes.


Thank god for selective amnesia and the fact that, by the end of my next shift, there will be plenty of other inconsiderate assholes to occupy my consciousness.
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