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This is a bit convoluted, so stay with me here

Went to a German Christmas Market at a small Lutheran Church on the Upper East Side this morning (Germantown in Yorkville! Adorable, elderly German expats! Who knew!). Had a blast (and two glasses of Gluhwein.). Bought german Christmas cookies, Stollen (two, actually!) and a Best of Air Supply CD (shut up! it was a dollar! at a church fundraiser! plus, in my defense, I also bought Sisters of Mercy's Floodland, also for a dollar, so there.).

And now I am at home, with two dogs piled on top of one another right behind me/wrapped around my hips on my writing chair, drinking tea (me, not the dogs). And I put on the CD and suddenly I am this starry-eyed, thirteen year old...

And you would think that this would be somehow beneficial to the Memory and the Social Constitution of the Self paper I am working on. Yes, I can definitely see how you would think that. But, unfortunately, you would be wrong. Very, very wrong.
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