Vampirekat (vampirekat) wrote,

Stream of (reluctant) consciousness

Still a little bit off. Not that I expected it to go away from one day to the next, but you know.

Turns out, Freud bores me. Or maybe that's not it, maybe it's just that I am not engaging with the text for some reason. Totemism and Taboo is something I've read before and am, overall, pretty familiar with the topic. I might not necessarily agree with the good doctor on the subject, but I should still find it interesting. Which I guess I do... But. But I am having a really hard time concentrating. Also, nothing seems to be really sticking and yesterday I briefly panicked about losing my memory.

Low intensity. A time of dispersal. Durkheimian peaks and valleys. There is a time for high social intensity and cohesion, for effervescence, for communion, and there is a time for social dispersal, for solitude and quiet. This seems to be my time of dispersal. I feel like staying in and having tea. All the time. I do not want to go anywhere or see anyone (which, when you think about it, is not all that bad if we take into account that both money and [local] friends are scarce). I just want to be left quietly alone. I want to read and watch TV and move at my own pace. Hmmm, maybe I am a tad depressed... Maybe that has to do with thoughts of impending Masters graduation that I shall save for future musings.

Lately, I have developed strong attachments to Diet Root Beer, NCIS and the gym. Strange, yes?
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