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Guilty pleasures

This entry is lovingly dedicated to any/all potential music snobs on my friends' list and beyond.
(On second thought, to anyone with better taste in music than me, which is, apparently, absolutely everyone.)

You guys!
I should be ashamed of myself. Honestly. I really should. Really. Except yours truly is currently busy having a fantastic time.
A ridiculously fantastic time, in fact.

I saw something that reminded me of this German band from back in the day, and so, instead of trying to tease some sense out of this article on culture, temporality and Marxian economics I'm supposed to be working on, I downloaded a fairly impressive amount of pure, unadulterated 80s Eurotrash and have devoted the last hour to dance around in my PJs while singing my little heart out. Even the dogs are terrified! Ha!

Seriously. I actually believe this is more fun than any grad student is legally allowed to have. Ever.

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