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Whimsy aside

Seem like somebody actually likes me. Really, really likes me.
That is to say, I got into UCSD's PhD program. I should be ecstatic. Really, I should. Yet, for some strange reason, I am not. Of course, while I did get in, I am not being offered the desired funding, hence I am not even sure I'll accept the offer. But still, but still, but still...
So far, I have gotten a few very encouraging, even flattering, e-mails from several faculty members. One mentioned that my applications was unique, among other things, in that I expressed an interest in conducting extensive (one or two year-long) fieldwork in Siberia. Heh! Yeah, I can certainly see why nobody else is volunteering to do that...

Ahhh, anyways, I still have five rejection (ahem, I meant decision) letters coming my way in the next month or so. Meanwhile, I drink Gin Gimlets and wait.


My hands are constantly dry. At this point, the hand lotion companies should be paying ME.


Why my Dachshund is awake right now is truly beyond me.


I actually haven't updated this thing since August... Interesting.
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